Meatless January…can I do it?

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Meatless January


Alright, that’s enough! Enough food, enough wine, enough beer!

Between overeating and underexercising I feel as though it’s time to pull the plug on the over indulgence that was December. In an effort to eat a little cleaner I’ve decided to take meat out of my diet for one month. I’ll still allow myself eggs and fish but I’d like to see how easy or difficult cooking will be without the option of beef, chicken or pork.  

And at the risk of sounding sanctimonious, I’d like to cut down on meat consumption not just for my benefit but for the health of the environment and the animals themselves. The raising, feeding, slaughtering, waste disposal and transportation of cattle (pigs and chickens also) has enormous negative impacts on the environment. If I can lower my meat intake a little it can’t be a bad thing.

Why not consider joining me in this challenge?  I call it a challenge because for me it will be. I truly enjoy eating meat; pork, beef, chicken…you name it I’ll eat it, so I’m guessing I will probably miss it. But you don’t know until you try, and at the very least it should lower the weekly grocery costs. I’m going to start with myself and slowly incorporate this into the family’s diet.

To help the cause I’m going to post some meatless recipes throughout the month that will hopefully inspire you to join me in a month of healthy eating. And if you have any great dishes you’d like to share please post them on Facebook, and tag me at

Here’s to a wonderful 2016 full of health, and a greater appreciation for the fortunes and love that surround us all,